Legacy Pilates, Yoga & More

Our focus is on instilling balance in our lives. Western exercise generally beats the body up. In mind-body practices, one learns to challenge the body without forcing, straining or pushing to get results. Learning to go deeper into the core, stabilizing muscles of the body is a totally different feeling than using the larger, more superficial muscles. A sense of internal strength and power blended with a graceful approach will offer great mind and body control. This kind of control affects all aspects of life and can benefit any sport or activity. We offer Pilates, Yoga, and Tai Chi classes.


Address: 16920 Wright Plaza, #129

Phone: (402) 502-9772

The studio does not have regular office hours. We hold classes, workshops and private sessions 7 days a week. Classes and tours available by appointme

Website: http://www.mindbodyprograms.com/

Email: vitallifestylesinfo@yahoo.com

Map Location: 37

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Legacy Pilates, Yoga & More